“Street Scape” Concept

Our Unique “Street Scape” Concept

As business men and women, we spend more time at work than any other function in our life. Conventional logic would ask, “if we spend so must time here – why not have it be interesting?”  We agree, and although it wasn’t part of the original plan, the “street-scape” idea just kind of happened… and most seem to like it.

Our Executive Suites are kind of like having your own store front, where you can retreat for privacy when you need to take a break – or discuss a business idea with a colleague.  Sorry to go to the all-familiar “photos don’t do it justice” comment – but you really must see the “street-scape” to understand how it creates a professional , yet relaxed work environment.

Your Office. Your Way.

Sign up for a private Executive Suite, stop in for a few hours to use the shared Open Space, or reserve the Conference Room to handle the “where do we meet” challenge.  At the HUB, we think you should have options.  Anyone in business knows that growing a business has its inherent challenges – it’s just part of the growing process.  At the HUB, we think that your selection and use of office space should be the most predictable part of your day.

Imagine being able to match your office space investment to your current need — and spend more time selling, and less time worrying about the space you have under contract that’s no longer needed.  It could become a reality for you. Call the HUB today.